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Who We Are

We take pride in having the biggest legal network in New York. We strive to be the best by working with the best and by providing the best possible per diem lawyer services to our clients.

Our Mission

With over 100,000 lawyers unemployed in New York, our mission is to empower them by giving them work on the matters that make sense for their unique experience and specialty. As for firms, we take away the hassle and headache of hiring per diem lawyers by doing the work for them.

Our Vision

Legal Link aims to bring the power back to attorneys in New York by providing the highest quality per diem services in the state. We have created a seamless process that makes per diem services easier for both firms and attorneys.


We create a value based market to help your growing firm.

We Have More Than 20+ Years Practical Experience

With our expansive network and legal expertise, Legal Link is the per diem service you can trust in New York.


Legal Link provides endless solutions for your specific legal needs. We deliver on all per diem requests swiftly and efficiently including last minute attorney coverage, same day court coverage, motion hearings, and more. With an immense network of law firms and experienced attorneys in New York and New Jersey, Legal Link has the elite ingenuity of providing per diem lawyers to handle matters that are right for them.


Trust Legal Link for your per diem attorney services in New York and New Jersey.

Practical Experience
YEARS OfExperience